• Braiding (with hair extensions)
  • Hair extensions from $200
  • Weaving
  • Certificated specialist of 100% human hair
  • Dreads (with hair extensions)
  • Dread repairs
  • Hair straightening (both chemical and ironing)
  • Corn rows
  • Silkylock


Jamaican dreadlocks, short dreadlocks, long dreadlocks, extension dreadlocks, natural dreadlocks, from fashion dreadlocks to commercial dreadlocks, silky locks, zip lock, dreadlocks repair, dreadlocks maintenance and organic dreadlocks making.

Most important - We do not use super glue in our dreadlocks.

Collections of Hair Braiding

We do single hair braiding, micro hair braiding, zebra hair braiding, three way hair braiding, Ghana corn roll hair braiding, Ziggy hair braiding, corn roll hair braiding, steam hair braiding, jumbo hair braiding, Rasta hair braiding and Jamaican wrap.


We do hair straightening, ceramic iron hair straightening and chemical hair straightening.


We also sell organic hair care and hair straightening products:

Dark and Lovely hair straightening creams, Olive Oil hair straightening creams, dreadlocks shampoo, dreadlocks wax, hair extensions, hair moisturizers, hair and scalp conditioners and a range of other specialty products for your hair needs from the USA.

Come in store and see us for your requirements.

We're not the best because we're the oldest... we're the oldest because we're the best!